Due to abundant anecdotal evidence

People have been using Kambo to...

Heal from Serious diseases

For cancer, chronic fatigue, arthritis, hypertension, parkinsons, hiv, hepatitis, diabetes, lymes  and many others 

Improve General Health

enhance immune function, lower cholesterol, help hypertension and increase energy, while destroying biofilms and killing parasites, viruses and fungi

Balance hormones

& Emotions

Increase zest for life, libido  fertility and energy levels

Increase athletic performance

Heal from injuries, reduce inflammation, strengthen the cardiovascular system


Possibly the strongest, deepest and quickest detox on the planet


 mental focus

Sharpen the mind, raise energy levels, clear away unnecessary thoughts

Release Trauma

Chronic Depression, addiction, anxiety, shame, guilt, negative energies

and more

Lower stress levels, improve digestive function, relieve pain, deepen meditations, increase psychic sensitivity, seratonin and dopamine release etc..

Heal The Root 

Kambo is a powerful, jungle medicine for body mind and spirit

Kambo is the secretion of the amazonian frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor. For centuries, South American tribes have been benefiting from the near magical properties of this "medicine" 


Traditionally Kambo has been used to

  • Release "Panaema" a term loosely defined as persistent bad luck or negativity that follows one through life

  • Heal the body of disease 

  • Give them "Hunting Magic" I.e. more energy with less sleep, sharper senses and a clear mind. 


In a more modern context Kambo is being used to treat anxiety, depression, HIV, cancer, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, arthritis, diabetes, candida, herpes, high blood pressure, PTSD, fertility issues, candida, and addictions to name just a few... 


It is potentially the quickest and most efficient detox on the planet, and it is said to go directly to the roots of physical disease and mental suffering instead of putting bandaids on the symptoms. 

"Nothing but good news, There is a frog in South America, Whose venom is a cure, For all the suffering, That mankind must endure
More powerful than morphine, And soothing as the rain, A frog in South America, Has the antidote for pain
That’s the way it’s always been, And that’s the way I like it"             
                                                                                                  - Paul Simon 'Senorita with a Necklace of Tears'

The Science

Kambo works in very mysterious ways. It is quite common for people to release old emotions, or past traumas in addition to physical toxins during a session. The same dose, in the same person may significantly target different areas in different sessions. It seems to respond to our prayers, intentions and the moment we find ourselves in.  We will most likely never truly understand what Kambo is capable of or it's mechanism of action. Still, there has been a lot of research on Kambo since its fairly recent discovery. 

Kambo holds the Keys to our cells

And those keys are called Peptides...


Imagine your cells are like houses. Most drugs sloppily pick the locks, or worse just batter the doors down, but not Kambo. The Bio, and Neuropeptides are identical to receptor sites in the cells. This perfect lock and key system allows them to work quickly and easily in the body.


Upon researching the constituents in Kambo, scientists have discovered a number of peptides with powerful effects. The dermaseptin has been shown to have potent anti microbial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. One peptide, tryptophyllin specifically targets Candida Albicans. Phyllolitorin works directly on the central and peripheral nervous system. Adenoregulin is notable for it's efficiency in killing cancer cells. Dermorphin has been found to be 30-40x more potent than morphine. Meanwhile Sauvagine stimulates the adrenals and dopamine release. 


Scientists have been working on synthesizing these agents for their potent applications, but so far nothing works as well as natures design! 

It Must

Be Noted...


"Kambô in its natural form is not for everyone. It’s what I call ‘active healing.’ It’s worlds apart from the passive process of swallowing a pill and sitting on the sofa watching TV while it does the work for you. With kambô, you are required to turn up and be present through the often times intense treatment. Most people have to face a great many of their fears both before and during their first kambô treatment."


- Karen Darke (founder of the International Association for Kambo Practitioners)

Kambo, much like the jungle itself is very intense. For many, the most challenging aspect is the amount of water one must consume before treatment. We follow the guideline of 2 liters within 15 minutes of application to be sure the medicine has an avenue of release. 


Gates are then burned into the body using a small incense stick. This is usually not painful, but may possibly scar.  


The Kambo secretion is mixed with water and divided into points. When these points are placed on the gates, the effects of the medicine come on quickly. Generally, people find their heart rate increases followed by a rise in blood pressure. After a few minutes one may become nauseous and begin to purge. It is said that these are the toxins coming out. Many people are quite surprised at what comes out.


In general, the effects of the medicine last from 20-40 minutes. Sometimes people pop up afterwards with lots of energy, sometimes the shifts can take a day or two to settle. It is also possible to have the effects of a Herxheimer reaction  from liquifying the bodies toxin load. These symptoms are generally short lived, and followed by an increase in general wellbeing. 


While there are cases of people having serious side effects during or after Kambo treatments, this is quite rare, and these risks can be greatly mitigated through the use of a proper screening, and application of a test point.

Safety is the highest priority!

I Am Not A Shaman

Kambô is not considered a Shamanic Medicine

My job is to keep you safe and hold space for your healing

For a successful Kambô ceremony


Show up, ready to do the work with an empty stomach, a gallon of water and a cushion to sit on


Apply the medicine safely and hold space for your healing. 


Does the rest

Brian Ritter

Has been working with various medicines his entire life. He has memories of becoming obsessed with adaptagens in middle school. At 28 he graduated from the North East School of Botanical Medicine. He stayed in the field by opening a superfood smoothie bar in historic YBOR city, then spent years as the buyer at an independent supplement shop.For the last few years he has been leading breath work circles, group meditations and individual spiritual consultations. He is currently in training to become a Taoist Priest. His journey with Jungle medicines began in 2012. Having benefited so greatly from the use of Kambo, and feeling a strong call to share its blessings, he has been trained, initiated and certified by the International Association for Kambo Practitioners. Currently practic near Delray Beach, Florida. He is competent in the traditional ways, as well as more contemporary methods, utilizing ear, meridian and chakra treatments following a consultation. 

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